The News You Missed: Fat Skunk and the Xena: Warrior Princess Handshake

Photo: The News You Missed: Fat Skunk and the Xena: Warrior Princess HandshakeABC News
The News You Missed. Bill Weir Brings You the Humorous and Unusual Stories of the Week.

Once again, we bring you this week's News You Missed.

We begin with a skunk that has too much junk in his trunk. His name is Mr. Bumble, and when he was donated to a British animal park, his owner mentioned that he likes to eat bacon sandwiches. He weighs 14 pounds, so it shows! He's twice the weight of a healthy skunk and has been put on a strict vegetarian diet.

Over in Alabama, a mother was arrested for putting her kid in a cardboard box on top of a moving van. Instead of securing it with tape or rope, she decided to use a coat hanger.

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Let's take a look at our Criminal Mastermind of the week. Dean Gardner in Wales thought it would be fun to pick on two men dressed in drag who were leaving a nightclub. The problem for Dean was that the two men he picked on happened to be professional cage fighters. A brawl ensued and Dean and his friends were arrested.

Turning now to more pleasant news: Paul and Georgia Bradley of Indianapolis, Ind., celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary. When asked how the two of them met, Paul said, "I followed her on the bus and found out where she worked.

"Yes, I stalked her. If I had my life to live over again, I wouldn't change a thing."

Aww, how sweet!

And finally, if you're still nervous about catching the swine flu, the brilliant folks at NPR have developed handshake alternatives. Instead of a fist bump, try the Xena Warrior Princess pose, in which you greet friends by crossing your forearms in an "X". Rather than giving a hug, just hug yourself.