Looking for Love With a Month of First Dates

One woman jumps dating's most difficult hurdle with a month of first dates.

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February 13, 2009, 2:44 PM

Feb. 14, 2009 — -- After a series of failed relationships, I knew I needed to take some accountability for my mistakes and try something different. I thought I would start from scratch, trying my best to tackle dating from its very roots: first dates.

I was nearing my 31st birthday so I chose to kick off 2009 with an adventure: 31 dates in 31 days.

Every day had its own challenges -- each date its high and low points. But through it all, what I have noticed most is a dramatic change not only in my approach to dating, but also in my approach to people.

I don't judge as quickly as I once did. And if I don't find a person very interesting, now I believe I'm just not trying hard enough to find something.

I kept my options and my heart open, dating the youngest and oldest men I have ever gone out with, and even managed my first series of dates with guys I met on the Internet.

What I found was a Prince Charming in each one of them. Maybe not my Prince Charming, but someone's. And hopefully, this experience has helped me create a better foundation for taking on what's next: a second date.

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