Carrie Underwood sings 'The Champion' alongside 9-year-old girl using sign language

Savannah Dahan's sign language rendition of Underwood's hit song went viral.

A deaf 9-year-old girl who went viral with her American Sign Language (ASL) rendition of Carrie Underwood's hit song "The Champion" got to meet her idol.

Savannah Dahan, a fourth-grader from Frederick, Maryland, not only met Underwood when the singer made a tour stop Friday in Washington, D.C., but she also got to perform next to her.

Underwood shared a video on social media of her singing "The Champion," as Savannah signs it right alongside her.

Underwood's team reached out to Savannah on Twitter after seeing the viral video of her performing "The Champion" earlier this year, according to the girl's father, Richard Dahan.

Savannah, whose two younger sisters and parents are also deaf, told "Good Morning America" in March that she loves Underwood's music because "it is easy to understand and her expressions are clear."

Savannah knew she would be going to the country music star's concert, but getting to meet Underwood and perform with her was a surprise, according to Dahan.

"She really enjoyed every second of the experience and called it a 'best day ever,'" he said. "Mostly because Carrie is one of her favorite singers, and she really is excited about everything going on."

Underwood not only performed with Savannah one-on-one but also signed "I love you beautiful girl" to her in sign language during the concert, according to Dahan.

"Several times during the show, Carrie looked over and watched Savannah signing along to the music," he said. "This is definitely an experience she will be talking about for a long time."

When Savannah's ASL video of the song went viral, Dahan said the family hoped it would bring attention to the importance of kids learning ASL at a young age.

As her parents, Dahan said he and his wife were "both beaming with pride" as they watched Savannah sign with Underwood.

"More importantly, we are proud of Savannah for being fearless and following her passions," he said. "That is something I think everyone can find inspirational."