Get runway ready with these 8 at-home Victoria's Secret workouts

P.Volve is a workout that many V.S. models swear by before the runway.

What does it really take to get a Victoria’s Secret model body?

Genetics, yes, and, as it turns out, lots of working out.

Many Victoria's Secret models who walked the runway this year like Devon Windsor and Nadine Leopold swear by P.Volve, a low-impact strength training and toning workout.

P.Volve founder Stephen Pasterino showed "GMA" the VS model workout routine, which focuses on key areas like abs, thighs and glutes.

"You do not have to be 6 foot tall and genetically blessed to get that body,” Pasterino said.

Pasterino showed us 8 simple moves -- with no equipment -- that can help you tone up at home. No wings necessary!

1. 3 o’clock – 1 o’clock step

The 3 o’clock – 1 o’clock step is extremely effective in toning thighs and glutes. And can be broken down into three easy steps.

Start in the seated “p" position which is similar to a squat but not as low to the ground. Step your foot from a 3 o’clock position to a 1 o’clock position and go into a small sit. To complete the move, step back into the original position.

Pro Tip: Do 8 reps of each exercise to see maximum benefits from the workout.

2. Step back and squeeze

This move is sure to give your glutes a workout. Pasterino says it can give you better results than any squat or lunge.

Start in the p-sit position. Step one foot back land on the ball of your foot with your heel up.Engage your butt and hold. Step back to the original position and repeat.

3. Step back and rotate

Start in the p-sit position with your hands behind your head.

Step back to engage your back butt – once engaged, rotate your torso over the opposite side leg – stretching through your stomach.

Rotate back straight and step back into the original position.

4. Open door, close door

Start in the p-sit position.

Take your foot from the 3 o’clock or 9 o'clock position -– lift -- open your hips -- and extend leg back to the 6 o’clock position.

5. Superman butt lift

Start with your one leg back and your arms at chest height.

Reach your arms forward and your back foot lifted simultaneously -- hold -- and lower back down to original position.

6. Ab stretch and squeeze

Start with your arm straight at shoulder height and leg bent with your knee at hip height.

Extend your leg forward to 12 o’clock while simultaneously extending your arm up toward the ceiling and back to the 6 o’clock position.

Reach through your stomach -- when changing direction -- squeeze and pull through your stomach and back to original position.

7. High bridge squeeze

Start in the bridge position with your knees stacked over your ankles and your arms locked out straight.

Press your hips to the ceiling through your glutes – hold – and slowly lower down halfway.

Pro Tip: To challenge yourself further you can add a P.ball which will add more tension to the inner thighs and the glutes.

8. Hip-shifted butt lift

Start with your back leg hovered above the floor.

Shift your front hip slightly back to the 6 o’clock position.

Point your back toe, and squeeze slowly through your glute bring your foot towards the ceiling.