Holly Robinson Peete to Star in New Reality Show

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WATCH Holly Robinson Peete on Love, Life and Family

Actress Holly Robinson Peete is back, welcoming reality TV cameras into her life to share the love and challenges she and her family experience day-to-day.

The mom of four stopped by “Good Morning America” to discuss her new project. She admitted she wasn't sold on the show's concept at first but felt it was a great way to raise awareness about autism (Robinson Peete has a teenage son with autism).

“I think we have a great platform, especially with our autism journey,” Robinson Peete told “GMA” co-anchor Robin Roberts. “If I had seen a show on TV with a family talking about autism, when we got our diagnosis in 2000, I would’ve had a little bit of hope...maybe a little road map, maybe a template to follow.”

Robinson Peete and her twins, Ryan Elizabeth and Rodney, have also written the book “Same But Different: Teen Life on the Autism Express," that describes their experiences with autism.

As for her 21-year-long marriage to NFL star Rodney Peete, Robinson Peete simply credits the couple’s ability to staying “on the same page.”

"We look at our marriage as almost like a business deal so when you work in a corporation, you got to sit down and debrief with each other,” she said. “So, we have to do that on the regular or this will never work.”

"For Peete's Sake" premieres March 19 on OWN.