5 Recipes to Help Ease Your Super Bowl Hangover

Cook-up these recipes that might make the day a little bit easier.

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February 4, 2013, 2:39 PM

Feb. 4, 2013— -- intro: If you partied a little too hard last night, here are some recipes that will help ease your pain. From asparagus to fruit, these might help relieve that pounding headache.

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quicklist:1category: title: Toast, Crackers or Bagelsurl: text: According to the Mayo Clinic, bland foods can help settle an uneasy stomach after a night of drinking. Stick to toast, crackers or bagels if you're a bit queasy.

Recipe: The Classic Egg with Canadian Bacon Bagel Thin Bagelmedia: 15815298related:15815436~15815440

quicklist:2category: title: Chicken Soupurl: text: Loaded with sodium and potassium, homemade chicken soup can help you feel better by replenishing electrolytes.

Recipe: Valerie Bertinelli's Grilled Chicken Vegetable Soupmedia: 17489423related:15146110~7131536

quicklist:3category: title: Fruiturl: text: Fruits, full of fructose and vitamin C, can help burn off alcohol.

Recipe: Erin Chase's Mother's Day Fruit Kebabs with Honey and Coconutmedia: 16319598related:15848858~15806816

quicklist:4category: title: Asparagusurl: text: A study done by the Institute of Medical Science and Jeju National University in South Korea found enzymes in asparagus that help break down alcohol.

Recipe: Cat Cora's Grilled Asparagus with Tangerine Aiolimedia: 16956538related:16062875~16078173

quicklist:5category: title: Caffeine-Freeurl: text: To avoid further dehydration, avoid caffeine, which is a diuretic. Opt for the caffeine-free version of your favorite beverages.

Recipe: Zico Persicamedia: 17105015related:6822072~9441478