9 Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

PHOTO: Hershey's Kisses chocolate chip cookies are shown here.

Halloween has come and gone and left us with a big bag of candy. As tempting as it is to eat the entire thing, here are some of our favorite recipes that will help you put a dent in the bag.

From candy-stuffed-apples to s'mores bars, these desserts can be brought to bake sales or dinner parties.

PHOTO: Rachael Ray's chocolate cakes are stuffed with chocolate mint wafer cookies.
Getty Images

These molten chocolate cakes are baked with chocolate-mint wafer candies in the center. Baked in individual ramekins, they make the perfect personal dessert.

PHOTO: Hershey's Kisses chocolate chip cookies are shown here.

Leftover Kisses? Encase them in cookie dough for an awesome update to the regular chocolate chip cookie.

PHOTO: S'mores bars, seen here, can be a fun treat away from the campfire.
ABC; Food Styling/Karen Pickus

Fun-size chocolates are added to these over-the-top s'mores bars. Gooey marshmallow creme is poured in the center of the batter for a brief reminder of melted marshmallows from summer campfires.

PHOTO: Hershey's Hugs and Kisses candies chocolate cake is shown here.

Leftover candy makes a pretty decoration for a chocolate cake. Spread on homemade fudge frosting and then top with your favorite sweets, like these Hershey's Hugs and Kisses.

The "apple a day keeps the doctor away" phrase might not apply here. These baked apples are stuffed with leftover candy bars for a rich chocolate center inside the tart apple.

PHOTO: Hershey's double Kisses truffles are shown here.

These truffles utilize leftover chocolate bars and caramel Kisses. The Kisses are encased in a ganache made of chocolate and cream and then rolled in ground pecans.

PHOTO: Chocolate biscuit puffs

These biscuit puffs are stuffed with a melted chocolate center. Chocolate candies are wrapped with biscuit dough, baked and then rolled in cinnamon sugar.

PHOTO: Stephanie O'Dea's caramel apples recipe.
Stephanie ODea

Melted candies are the key to these delicious caramel apples. After dipping the apples in the caramel, roll them in broken candy pieces for an extra crunch.

PHOTO: Hershey's Kisses acorn treats are shown here.

These mini acorns are a fun recipe to make with kids. Quick and easy, they make a great Thanksgiving table decoration.

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