Stephanie O'Dea's Biography

PHOTO: Stephanie ODea is a New York Times best selling author, award-winning blogger, and a mom of three.PlayCourtesy Stephanie ODea
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Stephanie O'Dea is a New York Times best-selling author, award-winning blogger, and a mom of three. O'Dea likes shortcuts. Her websites and books have reached more than 12 million people from all over the world.

She shared her number one cooking shortcut in 2008 when she made a New Year's Resolution to use her Crock-Pot slow cooker every day for a year and write about it on the Internet. Her award-winning blog resulted in two cookbooks: Make it Fast, Cook it Slow and More Make it Fast, Cook it Slow. Due to a family allergy, all of the recipes happen to be completely gluten-free.

O'Dea compiled her housekeeping, parenting, and meal planning shortcuts in Totally Together: Shortcuts to an Organized Life. In this book/organizational guide, O'Dea tackles how to organize a busy household so anyone can have a "tidy and tranquil home in just minutes a day." The format for this book is a weekly planner (with checklists!) that can begin anytime during the calendar year.

Stephanie has appeared on "Good Morning America," "The Rachael Ray Show" and has been featured in Real Simple Magazine, Woman's World, and For a more comprehensive press listing, please visit her online home at