We'll Miss You, Tony Perkins!

Today was bittersweet for "Good Morning America." Tony Perkins, who has been the weatherman since 1999, is leaving the show. But he is excited about the next phase of his career. Perkins is returning to his hometown of Washington, D.C., where he will rejoin the "Fox Morning News" team as a weather anchor.

Perkins relived some of his best moments on "GMA." He had an opportunity most Beatles fans could only dream about: He sang "With a Little Help From My Friends" with Ringo Starr. Perkins interviewed other music greats such as Usher; Stevie Wonder; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; and Diana Ross.

"GMA" also reflected on some of the ferocious storms Perkins had covered. He once tethered his leg to a fence to keep from blowing away during coverage of a hurricane.

Aside from his weather abilities, Perkins is well-known for his terrific sense of humor. Today's show included plenty of footage of Perkins dressed as Captain Underpants. It also showed a scene where Perkins told audience members they got a free car and then you saw people grabbing little toy cars -- a play on Oprah Winfrey's gift of actual cars to an entire audience at her talk show.

The "GMA" family will miss Perkins, but now he will have more time to spend with his own family. His wife, Rhonda, and their son, Connor, live in Washington, and he had been commuting between Washington and New York. Diane Sawyer gave Perkins two recliners -- one full size and a smaller one for his son. Now that Perkins is moving, father and son will have a lot more time to lounge around with each other.