Watch Cell Phone Movie Contest Winner and Finalists

Mike Potter is the winner of the Cellflix Film festival with his 30-second cell phone movie entitled "Cheat."

Potter beat out 178 contestants between the ages of 13 and 20 who submitted 30-second movies shot entirely on their cell phones. The Cellflix Film festival is hosted by Ithaca College.

Potter, a student at Ithaca, was inspired to make the film while watching his grandparents at dinner.

"I saw something in their interactions, how much fun they have together, that was so powerful that I knew it would jump out in something as quick as a 30-second piece," Potter wrote in his entry form.

Potter received the grand prize of $5,000.

You can see Potter's winning video -- as well as the videos of all 10 finalists -- by clicking on the links below.

Mike Potter

Ithaca College

Title: "Cheat," a story about human interaction

Click here to watch the video.

Peter Herron

Moorestown High School in Moorestown, N.J.

Title: "Blind Before Yesterday," an artistic look at everyday objects

Click here to watch the video.

Forrest Sansom and Bryan Oki

University of Colorado, Boulder and University of Arizona

Title: "Short Movie," a film about the progression of life and the fluctuation of time as it passes

Click here to watch the video.

Dylan Luyt

Ithaca College

Title: "Burst Impressions," a film about how a typical bar can attract a diverse group of individuals, some similar, some different, and even some that appear to be of a different species

Click here to watch the video.

Johan Paulsen


Title: "What If We Had Cell Phones in 1986?," a film that intelligently delivers a cultural impact and artistic record

Click here to watch the video.

Brandon Roots

New York University

Title: "Broken Sounds," a simple story about taking out the trash

Click here to watch the video

Sudhanshu Saria

Ithaca College

Title: "Demographic," a film about understanding your identity and yourself

Click here to watch the video.

Lauren Brady

East High School in Denver

Title: "On Second Thought," a simple story using flash forward

Click here to watch the video.

Brad Gover

Title: "Boo Ahh," a French puppet show

Click here to watch the video.

Sam Friedman

Ithaca College

Title: "Log and Capture," everyday images set to music

Click here to watch the video.