Poems, Memories and Well Wishes for Charlie

The time has come to bid farewell to one of our favorite "Good Morning America" anchors, Charlie Gibson. He's done it all -- from playing in the snow with Diane Sawyer to reporting during the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

We asked you, the viewers, to write in and tell us about some of your favorite Charlie memories. We received an outpouring of replies -- thousands, in fact. Many were funny, some were sad, and some even rhymed. Take a look at a few of the best Charlie moments, according to you.

Charlie Poems

Sent in by Eleanor in Tucson, Ariz.:

Charlie, you're the natural choice,

To be "World News Tonight's" voice,

But GMA can never replace,

A man of your enormous grace.

We'll miss your wit, your charm, your style,

The void you leave will be a trial.

You were our rock, our guide, our reason,

Through joy and turmoil in every season.

My son was born as you began;

Three dogs have died, the husband ran :-).

But always Charlie, there on my screen,

To inform and delight, a housewife's dream.

Now rest assured, your fans will follow;

But in the a.m. there'll be a hollow,

Where once you joked and teased your co-hosts,

And rocked the new grandchild you love most.

From north to south, east to west,

Charlie, you are: 'Simply the Best!'"

Sent in by Susan in Stillwater, Okla.:

'Tis the wee hours of the morning, and all through my house

No one is stirring -- not even my spouse

The coffee is brewing in the pot with great care

In hopes that someone with a cup will soon be there.

My girls are all quiet and snug in their beds

With visions of their future dancing in their heads.

My husband rolls over and hits the alarm

I quietly get up -- it's time for Charlie Gibson's charm!

I rush toward the coffee and turn on the TV.

It's time for GMA, Charlie and me!

I settle down for two hours of bliss

I never have trouble getting up for this.

GMA begins with Charlie, Diane, Robin and the news

Their commitment is obvious even when I don't agree with their views.

And often to my wondering eyes does appear

Some personal comment by Charlie that makes him so dear.

He's shared his daughters' stories as we have all watched them grow

And now he's a grandpa -- you couldn't miss that glow!

He's traveled around the world to bring us the story

But Charlie is so humble -- he seems to always forgo the glory.

His smile is contagious and his laughter so clear

I'm sorry I never made it to NYC so to Charlie I could be near.

His hair has more gray, and I don't remember the glasses for his eyes

But his heart in unchanging -- he's a man strong enough to show when he cries.

He has made a difference for many and early morning TV will sure miss his face

But, Charlie, I promise to tune in later as you settle into your new place!

Please continue to bring us the news in your new place of work

And don't ever change -- I couldn't bare to know you had become a jerk!

Sent in by Karen:

Good luck to you Charlie

As you leave GMA

I'll miss you in the morning

But I know you cannot stay.

You've started my day

For a very long while

When I think of your reporting

It sure does make me smile.

I listened to you through my life stages:

Single, married, motherhood and divorce

Four jobs, three homes, five pets,

Grad degree, computer certificate and Internet, of course.

Your presence was always there

Sure and steady, your kind face,

You set the tone for America,

You are truly filled with grace.

The news you broke was good and bad,

You did it with even keel,

Navigating waters calm and rough

And helping America heal.

So without further words

I bid you fond adieu.

I'll see you on "World News Tonight"

And enjoy my evenings with you!

Charlie's Taste in Fashion

Sent in by Loretta in Kinta, Okla.: "My favorite Gibson moment happened several years ago. Charlie came to work with two different colored shoes on. He said he had gotten dressed in the dark so that he didn't have to turn the lights on and awaken his wife!"

Sent in by Janice in Medford, N.J.: "A very classic moment I will always remember was the day Charlie wore a Christmas tie I believe was in the month of April. For sure it was out of season whenever it was!"

Sent in by Meg in Penllyn, Pa.: "Seeing Charlie at the Kennedy compound, after John's plane was found, in his weekend duds, no wardrobe considerations there, was just great and did make me smile, I admit. Charlie was human, but he also handled the deaths with the kindness they deserved."

Charlie Letting Loose

Sent in by Kim in Weeki Wachee, Fla.: "My favorite moment was when Charlie interviewed Sharon Stone. She showed up in diamond earrings and her PJ's. He was so cute because he was so flustered. It was another side of a man that we love to share our mornings with!"

Sent in by Gigi in Plainfield, Ill.: "Although I have many memorable moments with GMA and especially with Charlie and Diane. One of my favorite moments of Charlie is the day Diane fell in the snow and pulled Charlie down with her."

Sent in by Laura in Baton Rouge, Fla.:"My favorite moment was when he was sailing on the bow of the boat acting like he was Leonardo DiCaprio in that scene in 'Titanic'! GMA will never be the same without you, Charlie. It will feel pretty strange not to see you there anymore. I will miss you very very much. You are a big sweet teddy bear! You are the best!"

Sent in by Monika in Colorado Springs, Colo.: "While there is no other newsman I trust more than Charlie Gibson, there is one special thing I loved about seeing him on GMA -- the food segments. As a true foodie myself, I tried every dish Charlie made. You could just tell that he has a true love of great food. But one of my favorite segments was seeing Charlie and Julia Child together. They each had an honest appreciation for one another, that I loved watching. While I'll miss having breakfast with Charlie, I'm going to enjoy cooking dinner with him. Sounds like Charlie loves mealtime."

Charlie on 9/11

Sent in by Edna in Newark, Del.: "My most memorable memory of Charles Gibson was on 9/11 when they were doing live coverage and a reporter on the street was talking to a woman who was searching for a loved one who had probably been killed. At the end of the interview Charlie told the reporter to hug the woman. The reporter ignored him and he said it again and the inflection was almost, 'For God's sake, Hug her.' That's what he would have done."

Sent in by Kay in Gallatin, Tenn.: "I have many favorite memories of Charlie. I have one (that probably everyone else does) that will go with me to my grave. The initial report of the plane hitting the first tower on 9/11. He said, "It appears that a plane has crashed in to one of the World Trade towers." I can speak volumes to that morning I spent on my couch with Charlie ... "

Sent in by Donna in Owasso, Okla.: "I remember hearing Charlie talking and the shot on the screen was of an airplane flying in the blue sky and then I remember thinking "that angle makes it look like that plane is going to fly into that building" and then the burst. It was truly a heart-stopping minute but I remember, even though I was confused there was a level of confidence because Charlie was 'telling me this story,' almost as though my own father was there. There wasn't panic from him, some questions, maybe him waiting for some direction -- some confirmation of what we had all just seen. But we had all seen it together and he was our leader at that moment and through the remainder of the day."

Charlie Loves Kids

Sent in by Ruth in Albany, Ore.: "I am always impressed when there are children on the set with Charlie. How people treat children tells a lot about who they really are. Charlie treats children with respect and dignity. He speaks to them directly (not just to the adults with them) and listens to them. His love for children and compassion for others comes shining through."

Sent in by Debby in West Bloomfield, Mich.: "My favorite Charlie Gibson moment was when he told the TV viewers about his new grandson and he had tears in his eyes! Whenever he talks about him, you can see the true love of a grandpa in his face!"

Sent in by Lisa in Angier, N.C.: "I have enjoyed watching Charlie, but I think one of the best moments was definitely the morning he saw his new grandson for the first time when pictures of him were shown on the show. The look on Charlie's face was priceless and one of sheer happiness."