$5 Million Bond Set for Accused in Slain Mom Case

Authorities believe Ohio resident Bobby Cutts Jr. killed pregnant 26-year-old Jessie Davis at her home before running an hour and a half late to a meeting at his old high school to discuss becoming a football coach.

Cutts, a former police officer, was emotionless Monday when a judge ordered he be held on $5 million bond on two murder counts. One charge was for Davis and the second for her unborn daughter, who was just two weeks away from delivery. Cutts is believed to be the father of the unborn baby, who Davis planned to name Chloe.

"For a moment there I felt like I had a steel rod in my back, and I was ready to stand up to Bobby at that point," said Davis' mother, Patricia Porter.

Porter and Davis' sister Whitney met with reporters after Cutts' arraignment to discuss how the incident has affected their family.

"I can't really verbalize the things that were going through my mind, but I wanted to make sure he knew I was there," Porter said.

Whitney Davis said she wanted Cutts to be aware of the pain he has caused.

"I'm disgusted with him," she said.

Cutts' family tried to remind everyone two families were destroyed.

"I'd like for everyone to pray for not only her side of the family but his side too," said Cutts' aunt, Sally Meadows.

Davis' 2-year-old son, who is also Cutts' son and may have witnessed the incident, has been put in the full custody of Porter, his maternal grandmother.

Porter said the toddler is doing well for a child who has lost his mother and takes comfort in calling Davis' old cell phone.

"He calls her every morning and he just walks around the house talking to her," she said. "We tell him that his Mom is with Jesus."

'Didn't Seem Like a Police Officer Type'

Myisha Ferrell, Cutts' old high school friend and his accused accomplice in the crime, also appeared in court Monday. The judge ordered her held on a $500,000 bond. Ferrell is accused of lying to investigators.

Former friends tried to paint a portrait of the people they knew as adolescents.

"[He] always liked to have fun," said Matt House, a high school friend of Cutts. "[He] Pretty much always clowning around. That was Bobby."

Another high school friend of Cutts, Alicia Jenkins, said she was shocked when she learned he was becoming a police officer.

"He just didn't seem like a police officer type to me," she said.

The expectant father, who was married to a woman other than Davis, presented himself as single on a dating Web site.

"From all indications he's a womanizer," said criminal profiler Jim Dimoff. "He's the type of guy that does what he wants to do when he wants to do it and how he wants to do it."