Chilling Images Capture Cleveland's School Shooting

Asa Coon is seen wandering hallways, a gun in each hand.

Oct. 26, 2007 — -- Surveillance images just released reveal a haunting scene from a heartbreaking day in Cleveland.

They are from Oct. 10, the day 14-year-old Asa Coon shot and injured four people inside SuccessTech high school, before shooting himself to death.

The images, gathered from surveillance cameras all over the school, show Coon wearing a T-shirt with a gun in each hand, marching down school hallways, hunting for victims.

Coon first appears on camera shortly after entering the school, on the second-floor landing of the north stairwell. He is wearing a white, hooded sweat shirt with a black bag slung over his shoulder.

Once he reaches the fourth floor, he lumbers down one hallway, then another, keeping his white hood over his head, suggesting an awareness of the surveillance cameras, police say.

He suddenly veers to the right, disappearing into a bathroom.

Four minutes later, Coon emerges, having completely changed his persona. He moves stealthily, the hoodie gone, now just wearing a black T-shirt and brandishing two guns, his pockets stuffed with ammunition and knives. One student is seen fleeing when he spots him.

Then the rampage begins.

According to police, he targeted three teachers and found two of them — one in the hall, another in a classroom. Two students were also shot. There was chaos in the school as students dropped to the ground in the halls. One of the victims is seen injured on the floor at the end of a hallway. Other images show students escaping out of the building.

The images show the shooting rampage took approximately one minute and 22 seconds. Police say Coons was inside the school for a total of seven minutes before he died.

"Good Morning America's" Chris Cuomo spoke with the first victim, teacher David Kachadourian, the day after the shooting.

Cuomo asked Kachadourian whether he thought he had been targeted.

"That's what I heard and it might be possible, but just from the way he acted at that point it seemed random," he said.