Where to Get the Cheapest Winter Coats

In an economy where the sale rack has never looked more attractive, the "fashionista" has become the "recessionista," sending women everywhere on a hunt for affordable, high-quality pieces. With winter around the corner, the search is on for the perfect coat.

While many winter coats can cost well over $100, Glamour magazine executive editor at-large Suzy Yalof-Schwartz has tips on finding chic options at unbelievable prices, proving that high fashion doesn't have to always have a high price tag.

1960s Inspired Mod Coat

Think the chic '60s look of Jackie O. Thanks to some good luck, Yalof-Schwartz found a coat along those lines for $10 at Housingworks.org. In addition to great prices, Housing Works helps find housing for the homeless with HIV/AIDS. If you can get your hands on a vintage coat like this, grab it.

Mini-Rib Polyester Blend, Vintage Countess Alexander
Price: $10
Buy at www.SHOPHousingworks.com
Tights: Spanx $26
Shoes: Payless $22

Classic Wool Trench

The herringbone trench coat is hot this season. It's both functional and fashionable. One such coat cost $44.99 on Overstock.com, which is a great place to find expensive-looking pieces at recessionista prices. In this case, a cinched belt will make your waist appear smaller and show off your curves.

Coat: Last Kiss, Herringbone Trench from Overstock.com
Price: $44.99
Buy at: Overstock.com
Tights: Spanx $26
Shoes: Aldo $70

Winter White

Nothing is more chic in winter than a white wool coat. The coat Yalof-Schwartz found at H&M is a good fit for every body type, slimming the waist and hips and narrowing the arms. A double-breasted style is classic and the pairing with mod enamel buttons makes the look up-to-date.

Coat: H&M Winter White Wool Double-Breasted
Price: $79.90
Buy at: H&M Stores
Tights: Hue $12.50
Shoes: Aldo $80

Elongated Pea Coat (Everyone's Favorite)

Everyone in the Glamour offices started fighting over this coat. Even before learning the price, they ran to Steve and Barry's to get their own. Luckily, it's only $29.99. The all-wool, military-inspired coat definitely says, "I'm in charge," and has that "corner office" look. The elongated length and defined waist is flattering on every body type.

Coat: Navy Wool ¾ Length, Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker at Steve and Barry's
Price: $29.99
Buy at: Steve and Barry's
Tights: Hue $12.50
Shoes: DSW $59.95

The Warmest Coat

Puffer jackets are the perfect winter weekend coat. You'll stay warm while running all of your errands and even at outdoor events. One cute style by Totes was found at CarolWrightGifts.com -- a completely unexpected place -- at the unbelievable price of $34.99.

Coat: Brown Puffer Jacket with Faux Fur Hood, Totes at CarolWrightGifts.com
Price: $34.99
Buy at: CarolWrightGifts.com
Sweater: J.Crew $59.99
Jeans: Old Navy $29.99
Boots: Bakers $70

Discount Shopping Tips

When you're discount coat shopping, there are three tips to keep in mind.

Shop Online: There are an infinite number of online shops and Web sites where you can find great deals. Overstock, eBay and Housing Works are just a few of the many options.

Shop Vintage: Vintage clothing is one of the best ways to find a high-quality, original piece at a low price.

Think Outside the Box: Check out a local discount store that you've never tried and you could be pleasantly surprised at what you find inside.