Cankles: The New Muffin-Top?

Less-than-slender ankles are the latest body part to obsess over.

ByABC News via logo
July 24, 2009, 12:40 AM

July 24, 2009 -- While you were busy worrying about "muffin-topping" over the waistband of your jeans or the "cottage cheese" on your thighs, you should have been fretting over the shapeliness of your ankles.

"Cankles," or less-than-svelte ankles, are the thunder thighs of the new millennium.

Summer staples like shin-length capri pants and ankle-accenting gladiator sandals have made the area where the tiba and fibula meet the latest place to obsess over.

With ankle-mania in mind, the fitness chain Gold's Gym has humorously declared July Cankle Awareness Month. While the fitness chain is poking fun at the latest body obsession, it still offers some trimming exercise tips, including calf raises and dumbbell exercises.

For a "cankle" reducing diet, Gold's recommends skipping the salt, and maintaining a healthy diet of leafy greens and plenty of whole grains.

Many women are simply predisposed to excess leg and ankle fat and no amount of step aerobics or ballet can make a real dent. For those who simply must have a slender ankle, there's always the surgeon's knife.

Christina Reggie is one of those women, and she turned to surgery six weeks ago after years of emotional distress caused by her cankles.

She didn't like the way they looked. "I thought I was deformed," said Reggie. "No matter how much I'd try to get smaller, there'd still be that fat on the outside."

Reggie's plastic surgeon and a professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Dr. Michelle Copeland, said a relatively new liposuction technology allows her to shape and contour lower legs.