Weather Trivia: Did You Know ... ?

Check out these interesting facts, straight from the skies.

— -- "Good Morning America" is here to help teach you some fun facts about the weather as we look forward to warmer months.

Weather Trivia Fact No. 1: March 16: On This Day in History

The world record for the most rainfall in a single day was in 1952 on a small island off the coast of Madagascar called Cilaos La Reunion, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service.

The island received 73.6 inches of rain that day.

Weather Trivia Fact No. 2: It's Getting Hot Outside

The hottest recorded temperature on Earth was 136 degrees in El Azizia, Libya, in 1922, according to

The meteorological station measured the air temperature, not the surface temperature, which tends to be even hotter, Extreme Science said.

The record-setting temperature may have been broken, according to Extreme Science, but there is no official record of it.

Weather Trivia Fact No. 3: Hurricane Winds Every Three Days?It's true, wind speeds reach hurricane force, or 74 mph, and often exceed 200 mph on average every three days in Commonwealth Bay on the Antarctic coast, according to the Southeast Regions Climate Center.

It is considered the windiest place in the world.

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