What Kind Of Doctor Treats Allergies, And How Do I Know Which One I Should See?

Dr. Josephson answers the question: 'What Kind Of Doctor Treats Allergies?'

— -- Question: What kind of doctor treats allergies, and how do I know which one I should see?

Answer: Many different types of doctors treat allergies and sinus problems. And if you have sinus problems, you should go to an ear, nose and throat board certified otolaryngologist who specializes in the treatment of sinus problems and allergies.

If you have skin problems, you may also need to see a dermatologist from the itchy skin. If you eyes itch or burn from the allergies, we may have to send you to an ophthalmologist or an eye doctor, but it should really be a team of doctors including a board certified allergist who treat your sinus problems and your allergies and makes sure that together all the doctors have given you the best that they will all have to give you the best possible result possible.

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