If I'm Having Specific Symptoms, Can I Just Try An Herb Or Natural Remedy From The Health Food Store To See If It Makes Me Feel Better Or Should I See A Doctor First?

Mimi Guarneri, M.D., ScrippsABCNEWS.com

Question: If I'm having specific symptoms, can I just try an herb or natural remedy from the health food store to see if it makes me feel better or should I see a doctor first?

Answer: If you are having symptoms, the question is: Should you just try an over-the-counter remedy, or should you see a physician? It is imperative that if you're having any symptoms that you contact your health care provider that you ask for their guidance. They may recommend a supplement, a vitamin, or an herb. But please do it with their recommendation.

Important symptoms that a physician may recognize warranting urgent medical treatment may not be recognized by us routinely. So if you have any symptoms, go to your health care provider first. They will guide you on what is the direction to take from that point on.

Mimi Guarneri, M.D., ScrippsPlay