How Is Alzheimer's Disease Treated?

Dr. Petersen answers the question: 'How Is Alzheimer's Disease Treated?'

May 4, 2009 -- Question: How is Alzheimer's disease treated?

Answer: Today we approach the treatment of Alzheimer's disease from three different perspectives. One is education. It's very important for the patient and for the family to understand what this disease means and what the prospects for the future may be. Organizations such as the Alzheimer's Association can be very helpful in providing that information.

From a medical perspective we do have medications that we use to treat Alzheimer's disease. These medications help with memory, thinking, motivation, but they're not cures for the disease; they don't stop the process, but they can be very helpful in certain stages of the condition.

And then, finally, we make lifestyle recommendations. We encourage people to remain active intellectually, physically and eat a heart-healthy diet.

The combination of these three approaches can lead to effective management of the condition as it progresses.