Is There Anything I Can Do To Prevent Alzheimer's Disease From Developing?

Dr. Mary Sano answers the question: 'What To Do To Prevent Alzheimer's?'

May 4, 2009 -- Question: Is there anything I can do to prevent Alzheimer's disease from developing?

Answer: We really don't know how to prevent Alzheimer's disease. We do know that treating your treatable conditions is a good thing. We know that treating your heart disease, your high blood pressure, your depression will make a difference.

However, we don't really know how to prevent Alzheimer's disease although we've studied many products. We've examined the supplement ginkgo biloba, we've examined the hormone estrogen, and we've examined the drugs non-steroidals, things like Motrin. And in all of these very well conducted studies we have not seen any benefit in preventing Alzheimer's disease.