What Do I Do If I Think I Have An Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Victoria Maizes answers the question: 'I Think I Have An Anxiety Disorder?'

— -- Question: What do I do if I think I have an anxiety disorder?

Answer: If you believe you have an anxiety disorder it's best to bring that concern to your primary care doctor and to speak with him about it. Interestingly enough, many people come in with complaints that may, below the surface, be due to anxiety, but they might actually complain of frequent headaches, abdominal pain, reflux, migraine headaches -- other things that we don't tend to think of as due to anxiety but may be triggered by anxious feelings. So, if you are aware that you are worrying a lot, anxious a lot, and that it is affecting your life, it's very important to bring it to your primary care doctor or therapist if you have one.

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