What Behavioral And Learning Characteristics Are Especially Common In Children With Asperger Syndrome?

Dr. Wayne Fisher answers the question: 'Behavioral/Learning Issues With AS?'

Oct. 23, 2008 -- Question: What behavioral and learning characteristics are especially common in children with Asperger syndrome?

Answer: Children with Asperger's syndrome typically have normal or near normal language development. They're able to talk well, often have very good rote memory skills, can learn long sections of dialogue from movies, can learn lots of facts about topics, but often have difficulty explaining the whys and understanding social cues and that sort of thing.

They tend to be loners, have difficulty understanding the perspective of other individuals, and so it's very difficult for them to make friends and keep friends.

They have difficulty, they tend to talk at other individuals rather than with other individuals so that when you're talking to a person with Asperger's, sometimes it feels like you're getting a lecture on the topic that interests them, and it's difficult to get them to change topics or to talk about something you'd rather talk about.

They have difficulty understanding when they're being annoying or when they're being difficult and sometimes will have very strong emotional reactions to small events.