Will Gargling Really Help A Sore Throat, And What's The Best Way To Gargle?

Question: Will gargling really help a sore throat, and what's the best way to gargle?

Answer: Whether you should gargle with a sore throat or not really is up to your own preference. It certainly can make the sore throat feel better for many people. Oftentimes we'll recommend saltwater gargling. It's cheap, it's easy -- very easy to get to -- and can be done very frequently. Don't swallow the saltwater, however.

You can also use mouthwashes. Some people have gargled with red cider vinegar, some people have gargled with lemon juice -- a lot of different things you can use. It's not necessarily going to be bad for you. Your throat will let you know.

If you gargle and it feels worse, stop doing it. On the other hand, if you gargle and it feels better, keep doing it. Very simple, you can use almost anything with gargling if it makes the symptoms feel better.

Gargling, however, will not cure a strep throat. It will make the symptoms feel better but it won't be a cure.