What Are The Goals For Sugar Control And Special Dangers For An Infant Or Very Young Child With Diabetes?

Question: What are the goals for sugar control and special dangers for an infant or very young child with diabetes?

Answer: When an infant has diabetes we actually have to manage their blood sugar at a little bit higher level to protect them from low blood sugar, which can occur in young child because they don't sense or have the ability to tell somebody that they're starting to get hypoglycemic or have a low blood sugar level.

Beyond that, we have to do the same thing we do for older children. Measure their blood sugar often, and often including in the middle of the night, give them multiple insulin injections a day or have them wear an insulin pump. And of course, support them, tell them that you understand they may be angry and upset about having diabetes -- you are too. But you have to manage this disease effectively so they can grow up to be healthy and well.


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