What Is The Recovery Like Following LASIK Laser Eye Surgery And What Restrictions Will I Have During This Time?

Question: What is the recovery like following LASIK laser eye surgery and what restrictions will I have during this time?

Answer: Compared to most surgeries, recovery is very rapid following LASIK. The first few hours after surgery, it is not uncommon for the eyes to feel scratchy, almost like an eyelash sensation. This generally subsides very quickly. It is also not uncommon to be somewhat blurry during the first day. Vision then gradually improves, and for most people, they feel comfortable enough to drive themselves into the office on the first postoperative day. Following surgery, it is important to not go swimming for at least two weeks with your head submerged under water, avoid smoke or dirty environments, and avoid trauma to the eye itself. It is important to seek your doctor for all important prescribed postoperative visits to be sure that you are healing in a normal fashion.