Health Tip: Prevent Night-Driving Dangers

Nov. 4 -- (HealthDay News) -- Driving after dark offers a different set of dangers than driving during the day, so extra care should be taken to prevent accidents.

Try these tips from the National Safety Council to prevent driving accidents at night:

  • Clean all lights and windows in your vehicle weekly, and make sure that your headlights are properly aligned.
  • Drinking and driving obviously don't mix, but you should also avoid smoking while driving because it can be a distraction.
  • Turn on your headlights as soon as it starts to get dark, but only use your low beams.
  • Slow down, and allow plenty of distance between you and other cars.
  • Stop frequently to stretch your legs and have a snack -- don't drive if you feel tired.
  • If you need to pull over, get as far off the the road as possible.