How Does A Family History Of High Cholesterol Affect How Often I Should Have My Cholesterol Measured?

Question: How does a family history of high cholesterol affect how often I should have my cholesterol measured?

Answer: It's important that every adult over the age of 20 have their full cholesterol profile measured, regardless of what the family history is. However, when we learn that we have a strong family history of heart disease, it's also important that we measure the cholesterol in our children.

If somebody in the family, either a parent or grandparent, had a history of a heart attack or heart disease -- younger than the age of 55 in men, or younger than the age of 65 in women -- then we recommend that because of that family history, that any children in the household also have their cholesterol tested. But for the average adult, we need to have our cholesterol measured regardless of what the family history is.

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