Can I Still Use Certain Electronic Devices With A Pacemaker?

Question: Can I still use certain electronic devices, such as cell phones, microwaves and iPods, if I were to get a pacemaker?

Answer: Generally, you can use cell phones and be in the same room with a microwave device with a pacemaker or defibrillator in place. In the early days of microwave technology and other forms of radio wave technology and pacemakers, the shielding between the two was not really good and there were higher levels of concern.

In today's world, as long as you keep the cell phone at a distance of six to 12 inches from the device -- so, using the opposite ear from where the device in implanted, for instance, or not snuggle up too closely to the microwave oven -- it's perfectly acceptable to use these devices and be safe as far as your pacemaker is concerned.