Are There Any "Natural" Ways To Boost A Man's Testosterone Levels?

Question: Are there any "natural" ways to boost a man's testosterone levels?

Answer: So low testosterone in men will typically show up as fatigue or low libido, and when we look as boosting testosterone effects or testosterone levels in men, one of the easiest replacements is to work with your doctor and actually use testosterone gel, applied topically, or a patch, and labrotory tests can easily diagnose low testosterone for men.

There is one supplement in general, that seems to be really useful and that's DHEA, and that's a precursor to androstenedione, which was made popular about ten years ago with the Mark McGwire controversies, and that's a generator to testosterone. So that's a supplement that I'll often use with men prior to using a pharmaceutical-grade testosterone at their preference, if they really wanna try herbal, natural, over-the-counter supplement first.