Are There Any Alternative Therapies (Excluding Herbal Remedies) That Can Help Me Fall Asleep?

Question: Are there any alternative therapies (excluding herbal remedies) that can help me fall asleep?

Answer: There are alternative therapies that can help you fall asleep other than sleeping medications. These types of strategies use things such as relaxation techniques. So if in particular you're feeling anxious and worried, prior to bedtime, have a lot of internalized tension, sometimes relaxation strategies, where once again, you listen to relaxing tapes or use what's called progressive muscle relaxation to relax muscle groups, this can sometimes be very helpful.

There's something we call stimulus control techniques where, if you're not asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed then leave the bedroom and do something you find relaxing. Then once you start to feel drowsy again return to the bedroom to fall asleep.