I Sometimes Have A Tingling Sensation In My Arms And/Or Legs When Trying To Fall Asleep. Is This A Sleep Disorder?

Question: I sometimes have a tingling sensation in my arms and/or legs when trying to fall asleep. Is this a sign of a sleep disorder?

Answer: This may be a sign of restless leg syndrome. Restless leg syndrome is a disorder characterized by the irresistible urge to move your extremities that prevents you from falling asleep. You feel better when you move around and worst at rest. This is a common disorder with a prevalence of about 10-15 percent.

There are oftentimes secondary reasons why people have restless leg syndrome, and these include not getting enough sleep, excessive caffeine intake, pregnancy can cause restless leg syndrome, symptoms should become manifest, certain medications, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, and low iron stores. There is also primary restless leg syndrome which is more of a hereditary disorder.