What Effects Can Stress Have On My Sex Life?

Dr. Maryrose Gerardi answers the question: 'Effects Of Stress On My Sex Life?'

— -- Question: What effects can stress have on my sex life?

Answer: Many people find that when they're under stress their sex life suffers and of course one of the main factors in that is level of fatigue. And this is very common with our hectic lifestyles and our work hours. There's a study that showed that partners of individuals who worked over 48 hours a week reported that there were major problems with their sex life.

So again short term and long term changes that you can make to try to deal with the impact of that stress on your sex life. Short term changes are things like making sure that you have good intimate time with your partner to talk, communicate, massage, candles, those types of being in the moment things. Long term it comes back to those lifestyle changes again of good nutrition, getting enough sleep, exercise, relaxation, taking care of yourself.

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