Is There An Ideal Weight I Need To Be Healthy?

Question: Is there an ideal weight I need to be to be healthy?

Answer: When somebody is trying to set an ideal weight, again, [they should be] thinking about realistic [goals]. Perhaps somebody said, "Oh I felt great at 110," and they have not seen that weight for 35 years; chances are, they may not see it again. And also, as we think about what is realistic and what is healthy, we also need to think about: Can we maintain it? Perhaps.

If people lose 10 pounds and they're able to maintain that weight loss and then pushing themselves to do a little bit more.

Another way is getting away from the scale, per se, and perhaps, let's think about an article of clothing -- something that we like that we would like to wear again. Or I'd like to walk up and down stairs without huffing and puffing. Those are all things that are related to quality of life, not necessarily on the scale, but still very important.