What Is A Raw Food Diet, How Does It Work, And How Effective Is It In Reducing Weight Or Improving Health?

Question: What is a raw food diet, how does it work, and how effective is it in reducing weight or improving health?

Answer: Well a raw food diet is a diet in which the foods are not cooked or not really even warmed beyond a particular temperature. These diets -- it's tricky to make them healthy because you really have to watch for adequate protein, and they can cause vitamin b12 deficiencies because they're vegan diets, so you're not consuming any animal products. Getting adequate protein through soy products or through carbohydrates can be ineffective for people with certain metabolic issues. So they're not going to be safe or effective for everyone.

In addition, because you're not cooking food and you're eating food that's raw, the foods may not appeal to everyone. It's a pretty limited way of eating and difficult to adapt for a lifestyle.