How Billions From Mark Zuckerberg Could Help Stop the Spread of Some Diseases

Mark Zuckerberg announced he would donate 99 percent of his Facebook shares.

Although many vaccines are cheap by U.S. standards, many children globally remain under-vaccinated.

The price of a measles vaccine was just 24 cents in 2013, according to UNICEF. With just $1 billion, the Zuckerberg Chan Foundation could buy enough measles vaccines to administer 4.1 billion doses.

While the number shows how many vaccines could be bought, there are additional costs for personnel to administer the vaccines and to develop the network where parents will take their children for care. But if all children were vaccinated against the disease, tens of thousands could be saved from a disease that kills 118,000 children annually, according to UNICEF.

While it's unclear whether Zuckerberg's new foundation will prompt any major breakthroughs in the medical community, that amount of money has the potential help many people across the globe.