Donors Rally to Save 'Bruce Almighty,' Cat Found Bound in Tape

PHOTO: A cat nicknamed "Bruce Almighty," seen here in an image posted to the Regina Human Society Facebook page on March 23, 2015, required surgery to remove several toes on his front paws after he was found wrapped in electrical tape.PlayRegina Humane Society/Facebook
WATCH Donors Rally to Save Abused Cat 'Bruce Almighty'

The story of an abused cat dubbed "Bruce Almighty" has led hundreds of people to donate more than $16,000 in hopes the animal can be saved.

The black-and-white cat had its legs and paws bound by electrical tape that cut off blood flow and led to tissue loss, according to the Facebook page of the Regina Humane Society in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The injured animal "collapsed into the arms" of officers after he was rescued last Wednesday, and then "purred" as they extracted the tape from the cat's injured legs, the society said on Facebook.

"The pain and suffering he has endured is unimaginable" Senior Animal Protection Officer B. Lerat said in a statement. "He is fortunate that a caring member of the public alerted us to his whereabouts. The public really is our eyes and ears when it comes to reporting cases of neglect and abuse involving animals."

Lisa Koch, executive director of the Regina Humane Society, said the rescue officers were amazed that the cat was able to survive with his injuries.

“[The officer] said it was almost like he knew he could quit fighting because he knew we were going to fight for him,” Koch said of Bruce during his rescue.

Koch said she was amazed that an online fundraising page for Bruce has been able to raise more than $16,000.

Unfortunately, Bruce had to have most of his toes removed because of necrotic tissue, but the vets at the Regina Humane Society are hoping the animal will be able to keep all of his legs.

"In the coming days, the focus will remain on wound care to reduce the likelihood of infection and ensuring he is comfortable as he works to heal," read a statement from the Regina Humane Society. "On behalf of Bruce Almighty we’d like to share our thanks for the incredible outpouring of support."

Anyone who knows anything about the case is encouraged to called the Humane Society’s Animal Protection Services at 306-777-7700.