Early Peanut Exposure May Reduce Allergies, 'Game-Changer' Study Finds

Experts call new peanut allergy prevention study a "game-changer."

— -- "Read the 'gredients!" Jill Mindlin's daughter used to say when she was a toddler, running around the kitchen and holding up the food she wanted to eat.

"Could I have done something differently?" Mindlin remembers thinking. "Why is this happening to her?"

Only 1.9 percent of those who were exposed to peanuts early developed the allergies compared with 13.7 of those who developed allergies after avoiding peanuts, the study showed.

Mindlin's daughter Maya is now nearly 14 years old and doing well. While any new research is positive, Mindlin said she has some advice to parents: Don't feel guilty.

"We were told for so many years to avoid the allergens, and now the science turns around 180 degrees," she said. "You're darned if you do, you're darned if you don't. Let go of the guilt."