The Emotional Meeting of Organ Donor's Family and the Young Man Whose Life They Saved

Brent Snyder met the parents of the organ donor who helped save Snyder's life.

This weekend, two-and-a-half years after the transplant Snyder met with Brett Manuel's family at their home in Houston.

Snyder's mother, Cassie Snyder, told ABC News today the meeting came after years of letter writing, phone calls and Skype conversations.

"It’s been emotional. But it’s also been awesome in a way," said Cassie Snyder, who explained they were able to meet Manuel's extended family at a gathering on Saturday.

"[We were] hearing all the incredible stories of how he grew up," she said. "It felt like family actually. ... It wasn’t awkward."

Manuel's mother, Trish Dillon, told KTRK that she also saw similarities between the two men.

"There are mannerisms that he has that are familiar to us. We see Brett in him," she told KTRK.

Cassie Snyder said the family plans to return back to Florida this Saturday, but she already snapped a picture of her son watching YouTube videos with Brett's younger brother.

"The brother wrote -- he kind of felt like he had his brother back," said Cassie Snyder. "It completely broke my heart."