Family Searches for Good Samaritans Who Saved Grandfather

Heinz Arndt was saved after collapsing in a parking lot.

— -- The family of an Oregon man is hoping to meet and thank the two good Samaritans who helped save his life.

Smith said he was told by the fire chief that when responders arrived, Arndt was awake, although his heart rate remained unstable.

After the firetrucks arrived "These two people just melted away and the first question we had are 'Who are they?' and we want to thank them for what they did," said Smith.

Arndt, who has three grandchildren, had to have his heart shocked at least three times by a defibrillator, according to Smith, but is now listed in "fair" condition at a local hospital, the hospital said.

"They just could have called 911 and they took it on themselves" to act, said Smith of the good Samaritans. "I think they’re the reason he doesn’t have any brain damage and no damage to his heart."

Smith said his father-in-law is not only doing well he's "mortified" about the commotion he caused.

"He feels like he made a great big fuss…and feels bad about it," Smith said laughing.

Smith said if anyone has any ideas about who the Good Samaritans are, they can contact him at the Forest Grove Police Department.

"My wife wants to give them a hug," Smith said. "The whole family wants to thank them properly."