How Football Player Achieved Incredible 135-Pound Weight Loss

Javon Anderson, 26, weighed 330 pounds until he decided to lose the weight.

— -- Javon Anderson, a 26-year-old Detroit native, has been heavy for half of his life.

“It wasn’t necessarily a huge problem up until high school. That’s when a lot of the weight added on,” Anderson told ABC News.

A nose tackle on the defensive line in high school and later at Wayne State University, bulking up was encouraged.

“You have to be a bigger guy to stop those linemen,” said Anderson.

After college he ballooned to his heaviest weight of 330 pounds, but in early 2014 when Anderson found himself feeling sluggish and unable to go about his daily life, he knew he had to tackle his weight off the field once and for all.

In just seven months Anderson scored a weight-loss touchdown, going form 330 pounds to his current 195 pounds, a staggering 135-pound loss. His journey was profiled in Yahoo Health’s Weight Loss Win series.

“Once I changed my food and my eating habits, it became a lot easier,” he said. “A lot of it was cutting back my carbs [and] sugars. Instead of doing one or two large meals, five or six portion-sized meals in order to keep my metabolism burning.”

Anderson also credits his success to a dynamic workout routine he created with help from his trainer.

“I kind of always was working out before, lifting weights and everything like that, but proper workouts, which is what Dillon had introduced me to, was a lot of boot camp-style full body training. Something that attacks the entire body,” he explained.

Now Anderson hopes his story inspires others to lose pounds the healthy way.

“I definitely hope people feel inspired and just know that it’s very possible for you,” he said.