Lauren Hill, Teen Basketball Player With Brain Tumor, Dies

Freshman college basketball player Lauren Hill, 19, has died of her brain tumor.

— -- Lauren Hill, who beat the odds by playing college basketball this fall despite her inoperable brain tumor, has died. She was 19.

Hill was recruited to play on the Mount St. Joseph University basketball team in Cincinnati, but shortly after committing to play for them in 2013, she learned she had an inoperable brain tumor called a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Although playing a college game seemed impossible, she practiced with the team anyway.

Hill scored the first and last points of the game, despite problems with her dominant hand and sensitivity to light and sound.

Through Club 22 -- named for Hill's her jersey number – she had raised more than $1.6 million toward the Cure Starts Now Foundation, which was founded by the mother of a little girl who died eight years ago of the same cancer.