NYC map shows which zip codes have been hit hardest by coronavirus

The city has more than 43,000 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University.

April 2, 2020, 1:05 PM

New York City's Health Department has released a detailed map of the city's coronavirus cases, broken down by zip code.

The map uses data from up until March 31, when there were 38,396 confirmed cases in the city. Johns Hopkins University Medical Center says that as of April 1, New York City has 43,119 cases and 1,096 deaths.

The map shows that several locations in the boroughs outside Manhattan have the highest concentrations of COVID-19 cases, between 306 and 947.

PHOTO: New York City COVID-19 cases.
New York City COVID-19 cases.
New York City Health Department

Some of the hardest-hit neighborhoods include Elmhurst and Kew Gardens Hills in Queens, the South Bronx, and East New York in Brooklyn.

The map breaks down each zip code into one of four categories: 6-112 cases, 112-182 cases, 182-306 cases, and 306-947 cases.

Thirty-two of the city's coronavirus patients have no known zip code, according to the data.

On Thursday, ProPublica released its own interactive map that provides additional information using the city's data. Users can input any New York City zip code and find out the rate of positive cases in that neighborhood, along with how the rate compares to the citywide average.

What to know about the coronavirus:

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