Second Opinion: Nick Regush's Farewell Column

After more than three years of writing Second Opinion, I bid you all a fond farewell.

For those who will smile happily and dance on the head of a pin when hearing of this news, beware: I've got several things up my sleeve.

This column, for the most part, has examined the edifice of modern medicine and often found it wanting. In an era of medical news reporting much too obsessed with heralding "breakthroughs" and "revolutions," Second Opinion was launched to raise issues, face controversies and explore ideas and trends.

I would like to thank the many readers of Second Opinion who sent e-mails voicing their reactions. The sentiments ranged from, "Isn't it great and amazing that ABCNEWS allows you to explore these kinds of issues," to, "You stupid $&%$$%$##."

The fact is, many readers became regulars who corresponded with me and shared ideas. This was one of the great rewards of writing the column.

Second Opinion also gave me the opportunity to sift through the week's information flow and distill what I thought was important to readers and to society. I would often get heartburn reacting to certain patterns of medical reporting that seemed far more like infomercials or set-ups for drug companies. Second Opinion allowed me to cut through the PR hype and knock some heads. (You might want to scan through the column's archives to see who got knocked and why).

So I leave with somewhat of a heavy heart because the experience was rich and rewarding on many levels. But I also leave with enthusiasm because several projects beckon, including a new column for a new Web site and a new book to write.

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