Tip of the Day: How Many Times Should You Wash Your Hands?

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Washing your hands is a great way to stay healthy! See below for tips on the best times to wash them and click here for more from the Mayo Clinic about washing your hands.

Always wash your hands before:

1. Preparing food

2. Eating

3. Treating wounds or giving medicine

4. Touching a sick or injured person

5. Inserting or removing contact lenses

Always wash your hands after:

1. Preparing food, especially raw meat or poultry

2. Using the bathroom

3. Changing a diaper

4. Touching an animal or animal toys, leashes or waste

5. Blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing into your hands

6. Treating wounds

7. Touching a sick or injured person

8. Handling garbage or something that could be contaminated, such as a cleaning cloth or soiled shoes

9. Whenever they look dirty

CLICK HERE for more on how to properly wash your hands.