Woman Acts Drunk in Medical Mystery


Doctors found a tumor on McGinn's pancreas that was one centimeter in diameter -- that's about the size of a pencil eraser. The tumor, called an insulinoma, was made up of islets, the cells that produce insulin. Instead of producing insulin in the presence of high blood sugar to reduce it, the islets had "gone crazy" and were producing insulin all the time, Tamler said.

When they removed the tumor via laparoscopic surgery in January, McGinn had to be kept on a sugar IV drip to keep her from having one of her episodes.

"They took her off for an x-ray and her sugar dipped too low. It was that dramatic," he said.

Now, McGinn is back to normal, and she's begun to lose the extra weight she put on trying to keep up with her crazy insulin production.

"For almost two years, I wasn't living," She said. "They basically saved my life."

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