'Workout Wednesday' on 'GMA': Celebrity Trainer Noah Neiman Leads a Live-Stream Workout

Neiman is also a Barry's Bootcamp and Nike-sponsored trainer.

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Read below for all you need to know about Neiman's “Workout Wednesday” workout.




1) Learn to be okay with being uncomfortable. Strengthening your body is a challenge. Just like most areas in life, the biggest rewards come after the greatest struggle. Strength, health, and confidence in your body are feelings earned and not given. UPS doesn’t show up at your door to deliver them to you. This workout will give your body the reason to get stronger, and more importantly, it will show you that you’re strong enough to do it. We aren’t made of glass. This workout is just a friendly little reminder

3) Become a master at the basics. "Workout Wednesday" will feature a lot of moves that you can consistently do in order to get better at them. When we get better at basic movement patterns, our body gets stronger and more efficient (healthier).

Bonus: Noah's Tips to Maximize Your Workout Burn

1) The best way to lose weight, which is a big reason people train nowadays, is to strength train. Don’t focus on a cardio-based program, especially one centered around extended low-intensity jogging or steady-state cardio. There is very little caloric burn during and there are only slight added benefits after. When we build muscle,our body becomes better able to burn calories throughout the day, even when we aren’t working out. We release hormones that put our body in a better position to stay at a favorable weight. The more muscle the better. Don’t worry. You will NOT end up looking like the cover of a bodybuilding magazine, ladies. You don’t have the hormones or eat enough for that!

2) I’m guilty of this. Fitness professionals love to post crazy videos of the insane fetes they have trained their bodies to achieve. That is NOT what it takes to get stronger and healthier. We just do that for the 'gram. What we DO do as professionals is go in everyday and get stronger at the basics. Don’t be intimidated by what you see on social media. That is not real life folks!

3) Focus on enjoying the journey, not being consumed by the end goal. It’s ironic, the more I trained to get a certain look, the more daunting working out was. I started training 18 years ago because I was out of shape and thought that a slick set of abs would make me happy. I struggled to stay consistent and hated every minute of working out. The more I focused on how good the workout made me feel after, and not the aesthetics, the more consistent I became. I learned to love the process, as hard as it was sometimes. I did end up getting those abs one day, but I found that happens long before that point.

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