1st statue of woman on London's Parliament Square unveiled

“I would not be here today … it not for Millicent Fawcett,” prime minister said.

LONDON -- The first statue of a woman in London’s Parliament Square was unveiled today.

“I would not be here today as PM, no female MPs would have taken their seats in Parliament, none of us would have the rights and protections we now enjoy, were it not for Millicent Fawcett,” she wrote.

Other female British MPs also tweeted in celebration of the new statue.

The bronze version of the women’s rights campaigner holds a banner with the words “Courage calls to courage everywhere,” a line from one of her speeches.

The statue was created by Gillian Wearing, the first female artist to have a sculpture placed on Parliament Square.

“I want London to be a beacon for women’s rights and equality,” he said.

In 1897, Fawcett became the president of the National Union of Women's Suffrage Societies, a group of women’s suffrage societies in the U.K.

She remained the president of the group for more than 20 years.