Al Qaeda in Egypt Leader Calls for Attacks On Women and Children


Al Qaeda in Egypt Leader Calls for Attacks On Women and Children

The Egyptian militant who leads the group he calls "Al Qaeda in Egypt" has called for his followers to launch attacks in Egypt to "strike against all Zionist-Crusader targets" there, including women and children. (ABC News)

Egypt Nuclear Engineer Gets Life

An engineer at the Egyptian atomic energy agency has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of spying for Israel. (BBC)

An Egyptian Rebuff for Iran

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad surprised many last month when he announced his country's readiness to re-establish diplomatic relations with Egypt. But last week the Egyptian Foreign Ministry appeared to dash hopes for rapprochement, describing Iran's regional policies as a "danger to Egypt's national security". (Inter Press Service)


Al-Qaida Leader Urges Support for Hamas

Al-Qaida's deputy leader called on Muslims worldwide to back Hamas with weapons, money and attacks on U.S. and Israeli interests, urging the Palestinian militant group on Monday to unite with al-Qaida after its takeover of Gaza. (AP)


Iraq Bomber Strikes U.S.-Allied Sheiks

A suicide bomber apparently targeting a meeting of U.S.-allied Sunni sheiks penetrated layers of security and blew himself up in a hotel lobby on Monday, killing four tribal leaders and at least eight others, police reported. (AP)

Suicide Tanker Bomb Hits Police Base In Northern Iraq, 15 Killed

At least 15 people were killed and more than 30 others wounded when a suicide bomber blew up a tanker bomb at the police headquarters in the town of Beiji in Salahudin province, north of Baghdad on Monday, a provincial police source said. (Xinhua)

Suicide Car Bomber Targets Governor's Offices in Mainly Shiite City of Hillah

A suicide car bomber struck a checkpoint near the governor's offices in the predominantly Shiite southern city of Hillah on Monday, killing at least eight people and wounding 31. (AP)

'Chemical Ali' Sentenced to Death in Iraq

Share Saddam Hussein's cousin, also known as "Chemical Ali," was sentenced to death by an Iraqi high court today. He stood motionless, saying simply, "Thanks be to God," following the verdict. (ABC News)


NATO Admits to Killing Civilians in Pakistan

The Nato-led force in Afghanistan admitted on Sunday that civilians in Pakistan had been killed in recent strikes against militants who had been seen near the border preparing for an attack. (AFP)

Militant Killed In Pakistan School Attack

A security guard shot dead a Taliban militant when rebels tried to attack the foreign principal of a school in northwest Pakistan, police said. (AFP)


NATO Confirms Shooting of Afghans

The Nato-led force in Afghanistan, Isaf, has confirmed reports that its soldiers shot two Afghan men on Sunday morning, killing one of them. (BBC News)

Backlash from Afghan Civilian Deaths

A NATO air strike hit an insurgent base in southern Afghanistan Friday, knocking out some 30 Taliban. The air strike was in retaliation for a militant attack on nearby police posts, but it also killed 25 civilians in the process, including 9 women, 3 children and a village mullah, according to local police. (Time)

16 Dead In Afghan Clash

Afghan and NATO forces killed 13 Taliban militants in a day-long battle in southern Afghanistan, in which three policemen also died, a provincial police chief said on Monday. (The News)

British Soldier Killed, 4 Hurt in Afghan Blast

One British soldier was killed and four wounded when a blast struck an armoured Land Rover in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, the Ministry of Defence said. (Reuters)


Chavez Warns of Resistance War With U.S.

President Hugo Chavez urged soldiers on Sunday to prepare for a guerrilla-style war against the United States, saying that Washington is using psychological and economic warfare as part of an unconventional campaign aimed at derailing his government. (AP)


Jailed Ethiopians 'To Be Freed'

A group of 38 Ethiopian opposition leaders found guilty of links to violent election protests is to be freed, they have told their families. (BBC News)


BBC Reporter Shown in New Video

In a new video, kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston appears with what he says are explosives strapped to his body and warns that his captors intend to set them off if rescuers attempt to free him by force. (AP)


'Mystery' Money Groups Hide Money Trail, Watchdog Group Says

As Congress cracks down on lobbyist loopholes, it's hard to imagine a single dollar of a political contribution could still slip into the system anonymously. (ABC News)

2nd Arrest in Ohio Pregnant-Woman Case

A day after authorities arrested a pregnant woman's boyfriend on murder charges, one of the man's former classmates was jailed for allegedly hindering the investigation. (AP)


Lebanon Points Finger at Islamists Over UN Attack

Lebanon on Monday linked a bomb attack that killed six UN peacekeepers in the south of the country to a deadly standoff between Al-Qaeda-inspired militants and the army in the north. (AFP)

Army Raids Islamists in Lebanese City

Lebanese troops stormed a Sunni Islamist militant hideout in the northern city of Tripoli on Sunday, killing seven of them, including a woman, while battles raged on at a nearby Palestinian refugee camp. (Reuters)

Army Slays Six Militants in Tripoli

Lebanese soldiers cornered and killed six armed Islamist militants in Tripoli on Sunday, as clashes between the army and Fatah al-Islam fighters in nearby Nahr al-Bared refugee camp entered their fifth week. Security sources told The Daily Star that six armed men and one of their wives, a Leba-nese woman, were killed Sunday during a 10-hour siege of a building in the Sunni neighborhood of Abu Samra in Tripoli. The woman was married to fighter Bassem al-Sayyed, who had dual Lebanese and Australian citizenship, the sources said. (Daily Star)


German Prosecutors Want CIA Agents Extradited

Prosecutors in Munich, Germany, are requesting the extradition from the United States of 13 suspected CIA agents they say took part in the 2003 kidnapping of a German citizen. (Reuters)


Thai Army Detains 160 in Muslim South Raids

The Thai army has detained 160 Muslims, including six women, without charge in a series of raids in the rebellious far south, a spokesman said on Monday. (Reuters)


Accused Asian Terror Leader Warns More Blood Will Be Shed

Militants will continue to target Westerners on the streets of Indonesia as they fight to impose full Islamic law, an accused terror leader told CNN. (CNN)


Blast Kills Two in Colombian Port

A bomb has exploded on a popular beach outside Colombia's main port city of Buenaventura, killing a 65-year-old man and a three-year-old girl. (BBC)


Australian Journalists Convicted For Protecting Source

Two Australian journalists were Monday convicted and fined for refusing to name a source in a landmark case which has alarmed the country's media. (AFP)


Gunmen Target Somali MP in Assassination Attempt

Gunmen tried to kill a Somali lawmaker on Saturday night in the latest assassination attempt on a government official in the violent Horn of Africa country. (Reuters)


Baghdad's Orphanage

By Diana Mukkaled

I cannot think of anyone who did not shed a tear or stare in horror when I expressed my astonishment at the discovery of the Iraqi children with special needs who were neglected and starved. (Asharq Alawsat)

What's Behind the Arab-Israel Summit

By Scott Macleod and Sharm El Sheikh

Arab diplomatic sources tell TIME that the Arab-Israeli summit in Sharm el Sheikh on Monday is intended as a stern message to Hamas: Stop fighting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, or we'll launch a political war against you. But the sources say that the goal of the Arab regimes is to press for Hamas to join a new Palestinian unity government along with Abbas's Fatah party. Explains a senior Arab official, the decision to hold a meeting between Abbas, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Jordan's King Abdullah II and Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, "is a diplomatic warning to Hamas: If you try to strip Abbas's authority, think twice. We'll throw all our support to Abbas and work against you." (Time)

Wise Advice: Listen, and Engage

By David Ignatius

When foreign policy gurus Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft all start saying the same thing, it's time to pay attention. That happened this month in a joint appearance broadcast on " The Charlie Rose Show," and their comments ought to be required reading for presidential candidates in both parties -- not to mention the current occupant of the Oval Office. (Washington Post)

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