Pizza Delivery Now in Jordan's Largest Refugee Camp

In Za'atari refugee camp, one enterprising pizzeria is now delivering.

Za'atari refugee camp now boasts a pizza delivery shop -- Pizzeria of Peace, or Mu'ajanat Esalam in Arabic.

Owned by Abu Mahmoud, 48, previously a Syrian electrician with no dough-making experience, Pizzeria of Peace opened its doors in the summer of 2013 but business was hurting. It wasn't quite catching on, Naserddine Touaibia, a Public Information and Mass Communication Associate for UNHCR, told ABC News.

"So they bought a bike, started delivering -- and now -- the business is really taking off."

Pizzas made by Abu Mahmoud's 20-year-old business partner and chef, Yahya, go for about 70 cents a pie and the pizzeria now averages some 50 deliveries a day with a single bike. Touaibia admitted most of the clients are hungry humanitarian workers working in Za'atari, but says there are some refugee clients as well.

The menu ranges from a standard margherita pizza to a more traditional Syrian mince-meat topping.

"Oh, it's all delicious," Touaibia gushes. "I'm a regular!"

Now home to 83,814 people according to the UNHCR, the pizzeria is one of 2,000 shops in Za'atari supporting an economy of $10 million a month, according to the U.N.

"All the shops are owned and run by refugees themselves -- it's a great example of resilience -- they do what they have to do to survive," said Touaibia.