Who do Brits Want As Their Next King?

Crown him 'Mr. Popular.' For the first time in six years, Prince Charles is the most popular choice among Brits to be the next King of England, beating out his first-born, Prince William.

Just under half the people questioned in a recent YouGov poll for Prospect Magazine said they wanted the Prince of Wales to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Only 37 percent thought William should inherit the crown, a drop-off of 4 percentage points compared to 2005.

This change comes despite the anticipated nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29. According to the Telegraph, experts believe this change of opinion comes because the public wants "to allow Prince William to enjoy his life as a newlywed before assuming a more responsible role."

Colleen Harris, former press secretary for the Prince of Wales and his sons, told ABC News that Charles has often been misjudged by the public.

"He's portrayed as being a rather cold and distant father," says Harris. "And that's not the person I saw when I worked there."

Perhaps this change in the polls represents a change of opinion.

In fact, numbers from the YouGov poll show that there is mounting support for the entire monarchy. Only 13 percent thought the institution should be scrapped, down from 19 percent six years ago.